London-based vocalist Té Dee has a hypnotic voice and stage presence to die for. The release of her first single “Psycho” is based around, friends, family think her boyfriend is crazy, mad, a Psycho, but she sees him differently.

Music goes through its ups and downs something suffering from a lack of new artists who have that special combination of talent, looks, and just pure compelling energy. The good news is London-based Bestoflondonmusic certainly have an eye for discovering people in this world putting together a roster of some of the most promising up and coming potential stars. Leading the way is Bulgarian-born, living most of the time in London, but devoted to world travel singer Té Dee, a beautiful artist with a voice to match. Mixing elements of Pop, R&B, Caribbean electronic, Té Dee has recently dropped her first single for Bestoflondonmusic “Psycho”, where she puts her multifaceted talent and sultry voice on display.

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