Get Low The Block Is Hot Yo - Hip Hop OG Kamal Supreme

A look out cat is letting his team know that the block is hot. The Po Po is about to go in.
Here come the ops yo
Here come the po po
You better get low
I got the drop yo the block is hot!

Ready or not, here come the ops
I know yall cats been talking a lot
yall gonna go or come, stand or run
Later for fun, no time to chill
This aint a drill, yo they coming to kill
No time to fall back, no time to get ill
Ill see yall soldiers on the hill
Lets go
Get low
Let’s go
Get low

Plan b soldier, do that other ish
They got that pepper spray and dogs yo they coming quick
We gotta get low or we’ll all get hit
This time, they coming with the full display
Let’s bounce so we can live to see another day
Let’s go
Get low
Let’s go
Get low
released December 13, 2016
Kamal Supreme
Bless the Mic LLC
tags: baltimore guerillas inspirational neo soul hiphop poetry spoken word bloods crips el rukins gangs gorillas hip hop hustlers street Teaneck

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