Ad Astra is a song about human advancement through the hardship of experienced reality. The title of the song was inspired by Publius Vergilius Maro who states ”Sic Itur As Astra ”The one journeys to the stars" The phrase As Astra has been a great motto of many services and fields due to its deep meaning. Magnitude 7 with his rap song as a Mystic creative thinker wants to get the meaning to touch the inner and outer layers of golden knowledge with poetic lyrical song.

About Magnitude 7
Magnitude 7 is a creative thinker from the Bay Area. With his interest in Spiritual matters, he writes poems about the mind and what the possibilities of the experienced reality hold. From poetry builds a bridge to music which he does passionately about. Bringing deep intensifying lyrics to the ears for those who crave the hot food for mind and heart. His great influence is Zack De La Rocha and Naz for their poetic revolutionary teachings for the next generation to rise up.

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