That Rough Rugged and Raw Hip Hop With a Hot Beat, Cold Lyrics and a Raw Hook!

4x You don't even come at me like that

everything you wanna do did that
so don't come running no game fall back
from millionaire cigar bars on Park Ave
you better ask somebody, I'm so deep I don't brag
but you running game is the funny thang
You need to hang with Kevin Hart and the gang
but they don't want you. I take that back
stop running up on me with all that broke Pimp rap
whose paying you? whose laying you? You a snitch and a op yo,
I'm warning you

Hey honey child aint see you in a while
Now here you come wit that big butt and a smile
oldest trick since eve
made to deceive
thirsty ass cats, but that aint me
um, come again and see who wins, this mental battle
not the snake that rattles
or the teller that tattles
I can't even keep a game face
your such a disgrace
with your pumps and your lace
your kiss and embrace
your cat in my face
scat cat
I aint bout to taste that

You don't even come at me like that

Sleepin on a cat
you sleepwalkin
you don't know me like that
just keep talking
Oh, is that a fact? Now You lying
You just a pup, sucking up on a lion
your pimp game is lame get out my lane
you better ask somebody, Supreme's my name
veteran, that means I'm better than
before you was born I was gettin chedderin
and if you don't believe me ask your moms and them
son, you fallin in, the devils traps
I'm outback, I survived all a that
so You don't even come at me like that

cKamalSupreme Toats 2015

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