The Talented Artist Known As "Truevined" Releases A New Single With The "OTW Remix"


Bringing us a vibe from Canada's Hip Hop Community, Truevined is rising fast and it's well earned. A rapper, producer, and over all Hip Hop artist, Truevined has always had an open ear for good music. From raw hiphop to jazz, chill electronic to pop music...if it had a hard rhythm and creative touch, Truevined was tuned in. And it reflects in his own music.

Pushing himself independently has been the choice. And though it is a choice for many these days, independence is a game of chess. Your moves count. And your presentation and work ethic are everything in the real cultures eyes. Truevined pushes his music through popular sites like Soundcloud, but he also uses his own platform for professional marketing and direct distribution. Is one of the more professional sites I've found from an indy artist. Hot music, independent distribution and streaming, and the artwork with in is catchy. You can always find new music being released there.

And speaking of new music, Truevined has blessed his listeners with a new single "OTW" a remix to the Khalid single. Currently available for free streaming on Soundcloud, it's definitely worth the listen. And immediately after pressing play, you will hear the talent that clearly sets Truevined apart from the rest. Check it out today!!

CLICK HERE to Stream "OTW Remix"

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