Saf Has Released His New Project "Yung Shonen" And He Is Showcasing Raw Talent

    Underground emcee Saf is blazing through the indie scene with his new project "Yung Shonen." Produced by Atl Stackz, this 9 track release sets forth to show Saf's versitility, creativity and down right talent.  From the energetic Ring Around the Rosie to the mellow track Movie, Saf shows his diversity. Even expressing the different shades of himself on songs like Quiet Kid and Mad Scientist, Saf lays one solid banger after another. The songs are carefully composed and finely layered. Inside them, he’s somehow evasive and affectionate in equal measure. Saf delivers in Yung Shonen with a surprising fashion of extreme vision and purpose.  

You can check out Saf's release of the Atl Stackz produced "Yung Shonen" available now for free streaming on Soundcloud and available for download on itunes.

Stream Yung Shonen Today

Click HERE to Check Out "Yung Shonen" on Itunes

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