RMP (Real Music Played) Releases A Dope Remix and Visual To "Luv Scars," And The Listeners Are Loving It

    RMP has just dropped a cover to Lil Uzi Vert's "Luv Scars" and honestly, he killed this. Accompanied with a slow motion filled visual RMP has struck one hell of a cord with this one. Being the last visual release to promote his up and coming debut EP release, the feedback it is getting is right on time, and showing that RMP is bringing something unique and needed to today's hip hop scene.

    Lyrically he held his own. RMP rips thru the instrumental adding emotion and reality to it. You can feel the sincerity in his voice as he speaks on what he has witnessed and experienced in his life. His overall composure shows this young man has already lived a lifetime in his short years. And the lessons learned were messages heeded. Real recognize real and its easy to take one listen to this melodic cover and recognize we are getting something real in RMP.

    Visually...WOW. This video was very cinematically put together.  The scenes are played in slow motion and tell a story of reality in themselves.  And this was done very simply. One location at a local skate park and RMP and friends enjoying themselves and they escape the stress of daily survival.  The videographer did an outstanding job of shots and angles. They were edited perfectly to the music and add an emotion grabber of it's own to the single.  @DisOnesStrange did an award winning job putting this together. In my opinion.  And since RMP and @DisOnesStrange are past 60,000 views on "Luv Scars," in such a short time, I do believe others would agree

Check Out the Single and Visual for RMP's "Luv Scars" Remix

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