This is Ratrell OneHundred Debut Mixtape. It is called RatrellaVision, you can picture everything he is talking about on this mixtape just close your eyes. This Mixtape is setting the tone and shows originality, spunk, and creativity. This whole entire mixtape was writing by the musician. The Single for this mixtape is called "Run A Check Up" it may come off as a flashy, bragging type of song but "Ratrell OneHundred" is simply here to inspire people to do the best they can in any aspect of life. This Mixtape has 10 songs on it and you can let the whole mixtape ride from start to beginning. This is real hiphop, real rap, real talent. Support Ratrell OneHundred and go to his website WWW.RATRELLONEHUNDRED.COM. This will soon be upload on Via LiveMixtapes. Enjoy!!

Twitter @ Ratrell100

Instagram: RatrellOneHundred
Periscope :RatrellOneHundred

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Tags: CHANGER, FIRM, GAME, MARKETING, OneHundred, Ratrell, bando, cash, gang, gwalagang, More…hustlerzloungeradio, maxxmusicblogg, music, out, pezy, shawn


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