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Get Naughty By Dizobedient

J.M.E SLEEZY was born and raised in Denver, CO, making “Parkhill” his stomping grounds. As he was growing up, he lived and breathed hip hop. Music has always played a part in his life. J.M.E was inspired to follow his dream with the tragic loss of his late cousin in 1996. After that, he formed a record label with another relative called Twissted Records. He remained at Twissted records from 2000 to 2006. During his time there, J.M.E wrote 6 projects, 10 mixtapes, along with numerous albums, shows, and collaborations. He made the move to the South in 2007 to pursue his own music career, and later started his own label called Got Heat Ent. in 2008. That’s when he met his music partner, Tasco. Together they formed a group and call themselves Dizobedient. J.M.E continues to release solo projects, but also releases projects with the group under Got Heat Entertainment. J.M.E has never stopped chasing his dreams and music will always be his passion.

Tasco was born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma. Born in Idabel in 1981, Tasco was brought up in an area of Oklahoma that has a mixture of races and cultures. McCurtain County consists of a couple big towns and many small towns all in close proximity. Growing up with an African American father and a Caucasian mother proved to be a challenge but was filled with rich cultural knowledge. Tasco mostly gained his LOVE of music from a very young age (around six years old) by watching his father entertain family and friends by rapping over a beat or dancing and sometimes both. Tasco grew up listening to a variety of music and realizing early on that good music is good music no matter the genre. Tasco loves a mental or physical challenge and was ultimately drawn to poetry like a moth to light. Tasco does have poems published on poetry.com before 2012 search) and started his love for structured writing from the beginning of his teenage years. 




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