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Javoe Rôkour (Interviewer): Hey, K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy. I've been checking out your Top 5 Da Mixtape. As well as some of your other records, I must say you're a creative dude. Your mix tape cover is definitely a eye catcher though. I found it to be very funny. I noticed the graves with Lil Yatchty, Uzi Vert, Kodak. And 21 Savage. My question is do you have any beefs with the aforementioned names?

K.A.Y.O: Straight out the gate with it huh? Haha. Seriously, no I don't have any problems with the aforementioned names, I honestly made that cover during the time of them blessing the XXL freshman class. I just wanted it to be known I'm here and I am a threat. I felt I should be a XXL freshman. It's not something I'm just sitting back thriving for, but the mention would be dope. I'm actually a listener of 21 Savage, I like a few Kodak and Uzi records.  I can't really relate with Yatchty, but for his lane he's dope. I see hip-hop as a combative sport and I just want to give everyone that feel again.

Interviewer: Man, I thought I had something to send to Akademiks to get you that buzz. Haha, and I like that you're trying to keep the competitive nature in the genre. That's something that's really needed. I noticed you have a record out called G.R.E.E.D which is doing pretty well on your Spotify. I noticed you had merchandise for the record. I wanted to know how you came up with the artwork and the design behind the record.

K.A.Y.O: Well honestly, G.R.E.E.D is a gritty record. And the look behind it, is actually from my partner Jimmy. He's the creator behind the font and the actual idea of putting it on vest. I feel he wanted us to have that distinguished look from the other indie artist, which works for us honestly. Seeing that everything H.I.R.Ent does is in-house outside of studio production.

Interviewer: Oh that's dope, so you all just plan on conquering shit independently. Speaking about your label, my question is what do each letter stand for? And what's the mission behind your label outside of what's written on your website.

K.A.Y.O: Well the letters in H.I.R.Ent stands for Hiphop.Is.Real.Entertainment. Our ultimate mission is to give indie artist a platform to express themselves without the limitations a major label would give. We also want to give our artist generational wealth and for them to be their own stars. We don't want anyone being outshined by anyone on the label nor do we want the talent to feel as if their just workers, we want them to feel as if they're in a family.

Interviewer: Oh, so you all on some revolution black panther Black wall street shit! I like that shit man! So, I've noticed you was on tour earlier this year with Lil' Flip. How'd that go?

K.A.Y.O: haha, man it was pretty dope. It gave me a different outlook on how I should showcase my merchandise and my overall brand. It put me into a different headspace. It definitely taught me a bunch of lessons, and to be careful who you shake hands with. It was a overall learning experience which is also a highlight for my indie career.

Interviewer: That's what it's all about. Learning to help yourself grow and to teach the people around you. So, here on Rap or Die we ask artist what they feel they would've been? if it wasn't for rap. What do you feel your life course would've been?

K.A.Y.O: Man, honestly I would've probably been a damn English teacher. Better yet a professor, because those women are legal haha. All jokes to the side though I don't know what I would've been doing man. Music is my life and has always been pivotal in my growth as a person, business man, and as a role model.

Interviewer: that's a positive way to look at things, without a doubt. Before we wrap up this interview, is there anything you want the world to know about?

K.A.Y.O: yes, everyone be on the lookout for my album Konflict'd Addictions coming out April 2019. Definitely a project you don't want to miss!!!
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K.A.Y.O record entitled "Bad Man" was featured on UFC's fight night as Juan "The Kraken" Adams entrance music. K.A.Y.O has also been featured on Hip-hop weekly website. 
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