NEW SINGLE RELEASE: Band of The Hawk Drops A Thought Provoking Piece With "Dunno Wut To Believe In"

"#BOHUP is anti racist, anti bullying and anti Trump, but with the confusion of recent events, we felt the need to say some things."  -Band of The Hawk Spokesperson

And say somethings they DID. Addressing the mass confusion and follow the leader in anger mentality, as well as the lies fed to us daily through media outlets...Band of the Hawk hits hard with a well thought out single "Dunno Wut To Believe In."  A dope and professionally mixed single, every essence of the song hits home. many today just want to show love and live peacefully...but we are being fed so much negative energy, it is hard to be positive. Featuring  BRZ, STX & P.Ey3, Band of the Hawk delivers top quality content as always. Check it out today!!

CLICK HERE to Check Out "Dunno Wut To Believe In"

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