MS artist Ray Turner drops a new single called "This Morning" reminding us every morning we wake up is a blessing.

Artist Name: Ray Turner

Song Title: This Morning (feat. Kataz, P.U.R.P. & Suicide King)

Ray Turner’s ‟This Morning” is a track that will resonate with many music lovers. It combines sultry harmonious vocals with superb acoustics bringing the production to life with subtle tempo changes. Having experimented with both R&B and gospel music in the past, his new track bears all the hallmarks of his steady growth. He tunes his lyrical flow to align with both the sound and the tempo giving the song a catchy vibe. The song begins with a smooth vocal rendition that reminds you of the famous ‟party for two” track and continues with a cacophony of background sounds that compliment his voice perfectly. His musical evolution is quite obvious on the rhythmic track as he combines elements of gospel and R&B and tries to find a unique balance between the two as he with his tempo switches.

This Morning” is Turner's most solid piece of work as he is able to merge his production background influenced by the likes of Pharell with his artistic performance and manages to reveal his songwriting prowess along the line. Being involved in the entire process has allowed him to evolve his sound and while he retains his gospel music background, this song proves that he can cut it in other genres as well. It is a relatable track that uses bold lines to talk about the things that affect everyone else lending further credence to his legacy as a potential agent of social change. Having previously explored the concepts of sanctification and election in his recent body of work titled ‟This Morning ”, he brings his passion to the surface in ‟This Morning” showing a deep emotional attachment to the things he says.

Ray Turner is a burgeoning artist and ‟This Morning” shows that he could be off to a brand new musical start in his relatively young career. He has successfully made the change from producer to artiste quite smoothly and this track allows him to continue down that path by bringing all the flashes of vocal and lyrical ability together in a unique way. This song appeals to both lovers of R&B and gospel music but it goes beyond the borders of both genres to create a musical ambiance that just about anyone can relate to. As his musical journey continues, Ray Turner could be about to unleash the full range of his artistic prowess and ‟This Morning” could be a sign of things to come. He has been called the DJ Khaled of gospel music for his ability to find the right voices to bring his tracks to live in his relatively young career.

This song appeals to both lovers of R&B and gospel music but it goes beyond the borders of both genres to create a musical ambiance that just about anyone can relate to. Ray Turner has indeed come a long way and an important part of his legacy is his refusal to let his disability hold him back as he holds up a torch for other upcoming talents from his wheel chair. The young man from Hattiesburg, MS is already heralded as one of the hottest upcoming producers and ‟This Morning” is surely just a prelude of things to come.

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