Marlon Jones CEO & Label Owner, known professionally as Mic Ruckazz is an accomplished rap artist that has steadily developed in this genre since the age of fourteen. His fluent musical style is compared to the likes of Kool G Rap , Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and Big Daddy Kane. He began writing and performing as a teenager in middle school and local talent showcases. 

It was West Baltimore Maryland where Mic Ruckazz began his composition career. As a songwriter and artist he launched his first record label called Skull Mountain Entertaiment, and his first rap group The Notorious Bloodhoundz in 2000. Since then he has been performing and doing showcases throughout the Baltimore/Washington area. 
Mic Ruckazz also did underground TV, The Bfiles and has been traveling outside the Baltimore region. After the disbanding of the Bloodhoundz and Skull Mountain, Mic Ruckazz had taken a brief hiatus, he re-emerged as a solo artist in 2010. Mic Ruckazz is heavily embroiled in the hiphop community,not just as a artist but promoter , manager , radio personality , executive producer and running his own label Spallden Nterprize and The Rap Royalty movement which consists of yearly female cyphers, and artist collaborations.  In 2017 Mic Ruckazz debuted Barcode with Baltimore hip hop artist P.Hil Guttah. Continuing his recording schedule in 2018 he drops his new single Not Real featuring BlackMob, which now is available to all media outlets.

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