Matt, otherwise known as MBfromGMC, is straight out of Chicago, IL.  He is inspired by Kanye West, the Migos, and Gucci Mane.  He started in the music business just as marketing, promoting, and branding for Matt Beebe Graphics which is formerly (hoodhippie), GMCmobb, DADAcreative, and other various clients.  He toured with GMS Pyrobethename and ACstyle as the creative director and performer.  Since then he has hit the big screen with a music video to lead off the artistic debut musically in his much anticipated “Aggressive Behavior” which will release later this summer/fall. 

Make sure you go check out he is working on more pop up clothing stops and shops.  He also runs hoodhippiestudios and does dope graphics.

His music video debut is called Sad Boy Shit produced by Velo and you can follow both on the gram at @beebeisgod and @cxrrupt0.  Shout out to MBfromGMC partner @Jeanettixx for all the exotic vibes and party promotion from the start. 

Matt is managed by chain dawg boss man of Greater Image Marketing. 

The video has a Hills Have Eyes and Willy Wonka type feel and setting to it.  It definitely fits the Chicago music and Midwest music scene.  The whole video has a catchy hook to it and a scary movie vibe from the production to the editing it was fitting for the song and video type.



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