LC Lonely Child Releases Freshman Album, "Otha Side Of Da Water"

LC Lonely Child's freshman album, "Otha Side Of Da Water" is inspired by his hometown East Saint Louis, IL as well as his second home, Portland, Or. Adversity comes in every shape, form and fashion but this artist knows how to fight through tough times as it took LC a year to release this ep due to distribution decisions! The mood of this ep is so laid back that you can just pop it in and let the whole ep ride! Its a very diverse project giving you a taste of his talent with R&B, club music to dance to, as well as songs that will touch the soul! This talented artist wrote his whole ep including all hooks to the R&B tracks and had the help of a few talented artist to complete his vision of a brilliant piece of work! Enjoy this must have EP and stay blessed while doing it! 

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LC Lonely Child  Bio

Born in East Saint Louis, IL, LC Lonely Child formed a creative style for his music. From the age of twelve he began writing lyrics and started recording. Life led LC to the Northwest in Portland, OR and that is now where the artist also known as "King" resides! LC released three singles, two of which appeared on his new EP "Other Side Of The Water". Paranoid and Nostalgia " Say What You Like"! His new EP is a must have, his high energy and rapid flow is a beauty to ride to! This artist is on the rise, special and his humble spirit makes his sound more enjoyable! 

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