Kory Kane, raised by his business minded mother seemed to be on a different path then most from the beginning.

Kory incorparated his own business in the state of Ohio called Be Your Own Boss Incorporated , making him a business owner and operater well before the age of thirty. Also in this same year Kory branched his business out into a sub company called Money N the Mattress Media.

Kory Kane, a Cleveland native musician, has built a phenomenal following now as a talented hip hop lyricist (GodFlow) as they say. The project "Four Block" includes releasing the highly anticipated "No Freedom", "Magnanimous" & "Mercy Me" were a front runners for the new album. 

Kory Kane came up with the concept

"Four Block" as an in depth Soulful explanation of Kory Current Battles with the Justice System, Community Issues, Culture common customs , changing your life and his recent Lawsuit against Cuyahoga County Court Judges which got him on the Cover of Cleveland.com public enemy number 1 (master of miracles threaten judges) 

Kory's Sound is Malcolm X, J Cole Mix with a Rick Ross Vocabulary and Hoodnomics the poetic stanza creation used in Kory Kanes work It contains a catchy hooks but also has the lyrical depth in the verses to interest audiences. Being a Entrepreneur gives him a edge as well makes him an asset to any company. We thank you for the opportunity and pray, an wish you much success in all your endeavors.

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