Kansas City Artist E.T. is On the Rise

Kansas City Independent Artist E.T. has his 2018 debut album titled “Game Day Ready” still putting up a massive amount of streams. This album has positioned E.T. to be trending with the likes of Joyner Lucas, Polo G, and Jack Harlow on Spotify. On May 14th his single from the album “It Wasn’t Me” was featured May 14th on MTV. His album “Game Day Ready” has now surpassed 7 million worldwide digital streams that is the equivalent to more than 4200 digital units sold!

E.T.’s business structure is allowing him to maximize his royalties while staying indie with TuneCore and United Masters as we seen on his recent IG post. With digital sales modeling E.T. has raked in $25,000-$40,000 off the project with no major label push but specifically from his grind and strategy to promote music. E.T. is gearing up for his sophomore project Game Day Execution that will drop summer 2020. E.T. stated on IG that this album will help listeners win at this game of life with the power God has given them. Follow E.T. on social media @ETMusicPage on YouTube, Facebook, and IG.



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