J-Diggs Releases album trilogy. Da Good, Da Bad, & Da Ugly

J-Diggs makes history once again. He is the first hip-hop artist to release three CDs on the same day, Da Good is the first record of the trilogy. Da Good will allow the fans an open look into the good side of J-Diggs. Guests include: Keak Da Sneak, P.S.D., Chop Da Hookman, Vital, Lenny Williams, Baby Bash, Mac Mall, Matt Blaque, Y.S., Crest Creepaz, Coolio Da 'Unda' Dogg, and more.

In the second CD of J-Diggs trilogy, Da Bad, it will be anything and everything for money and da crew. Da Bad will take fans on the crime of their life. J-Diggs will bring you a lot of street tales on this CD. Guests include: Mitchy Slick, I-Rocc, Bavgate, San Quinn, Fat Bastard, Sleep Dank, Trill Real, Geezy Of Da Fendi Boyz, Rich Da Factor, CrestCreepaz, Baby Narc, Baby Bandit and more.

Da Ugly is the third and final installment of the trilogy of CDs by J-Diggs. This CD is when things get as bad as they can get. J-Diggs will show no mercy and no feelings spared on his straight to the point raps. Thizz or die. Guests include: Beeda Weeda, Sleepy D, Scoop Of Dem Hoodstarz, Guce, Bleu Davanci, Crest Creepaz, Rydah J. Klyde, Thizzmo, Big Scoop (R.I.P.), Richie Rich, Vital, Magnolia Chop, Keak Da Sneak, Dubee, Big Rich, Trill Real, D-Lo, Miami Da Most, The Jacka and more.

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