JBando Drops A Smooth Single With His Release Of "LookAtMyDiamonds"

     Indie recording artist JBando has been perfecting his craft for some time now. It has always been productive in its purpose. At this point, JBandos is starting to see the fruits of his labor grow. His last single "CrystalLightsAhead," released under 2 weeks ago, has already reached just over a million streams. And he is hoping the trend continues with his new single release "LookAtMyDiamonds." 

     In honor of the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" JBandos teams back his main producer JBeats. Together they continue to produce some abnormal and very original sound.  JBandos has a quick thought delivery. he spits with almost a nonchalant feel...but still some how fills the air with hunger. A hunger for something more. And the way this artist works, something more is just a few releases away. Check out "LookAtMyDiaminds" today.

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