Interview With Erik Young - Jewelry Champs Production Manager

Jewelry has always been a significant part of the hip hop culture. Jewelry can be described as a status symbol that allows individuals to express themselves in a unique way. Throughout ancient history jewelry has always been a major part of culture. Moreover, since the beginning of the urban culture many music industry pioneers have used jewelry to stand out from the crowd. Not only does jewelry allow you to make a good first impression but it also allows you to express your social status. In other words, jewelry is art and allows each individual to make a unique statement.  The jewelry industry has continued to evolve however most companies offer the same products at ridiculously high prices. Jewelry Champs was born to provide unique custom designs that are both high quality and affordable. With the hip hop industry being so competitive Jewelry Champs allows you the opportunity to get noticed with custom pieces and exclusive designs. Jewelry Champs was created to give hard-working individuals a opportunity to show off their hard work and hustle. Our jewelry allows individuals to display their success and reveal themselves to the world. Jewelry Champs is grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to express the keys to the companies success.

The Interview:

What made you start Jewelry Champs?  

I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss. I quickly recognized that the urban culture and hip hop was going to stay relevant for a long time. I was thinking of business ideas one night and I decided I was sick of seeing people pay outrageous prices for the same style of jewelry as everyone else had. Often times people would spend $50,000 - $100,000 for something that is a depreciating asset. I wanted to bring innovation and quality to the jewelry game without people breaking the bank to look good. That’s when it hit me in the middle of the night to start my own brand. This allowed me to turn my dreams to reality while helping other individuals stand stand out and make a good first impression.

Describe the obstacles that you faced and talk about what work ethic means to you?

As with every business, the market was a huge obstacle. With so many brands trying to sell jewelry it is hard to differentiate from the crowd. At Jewelry Champs we figured that the only way to get ahead was by out shining them with both our jewelry and our work ethic. At the beginning it wasn’t uncommon for us to put in 15+ hour work days trying to connect with individuals in the industry and just build ourselves as a brand. There is no sleep in this industry, everyone is hustling and we realized that we had to hustle harder. We are proud to have gotten where we are so fast but we are definitely not where we want to be and we will continue to make sure to bring premium custom jewelry to the industry.  

What is the biggest accomplishment that Jewelry Champs has achieved? Partnering with influencers who are my idols was definitely a big step. We are also most proud of our ability to give back to the culture with our frequent giveaways to our loyal Instagram followers.

Where can fans contact Jewelry Champs?

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