Pottstown, PA - Monday May 6, 2019 - FSG Rell is a Hip-Hop Artist stemming from the Pottstown
hip hop scene. He is announcing his latest addition to his music catalog “Ambition Over Fear”. The
project will be set to release on May 30, 2019 with high standards to spread his story to listeners.

The entitled “Ambition Over Fear”, comes with the meaning of finally putting fears aside and
continuing to pursue your dreams. By putting ambition to the forefront it will throw away any
feelings of fear. “Ambition Over Fear” : The Mixtape - Will embody a 13 track song list.

With Singles like, “Baggin Up” , “Fed Up”, “Only Us” are set to be on fire and can be found with teasers
on social media. This project is set to have two visuals released in the middle of June 2019. You can
find the project on May 30, 2019 across all streaming sites!

The Tracklist is listed here:

1. Ambition Over Fear
2. Rippin n Runnin
3. Spaceship
4. Fed Up Feat. Dahlia
5. Fuck a Grammy
6. Birkin Bag
7. Interview w/ Retro
8. Only Us Feat. Mec
9. Baggin Up
10. Awesome
11. Diamonds
12. Streets
13. Hard Times Feat. Frank with Da Grippaz & Tae Mugga

Opening act for Jay Critch, YBS Skola, East Coast Magazine Cover April ‘19

FSG Rell, is a Pottstown, PA Hip-Hop Artist, coming with passionate music and motivational lyrics.
Rell might be an upcoming artist but performances aren’t new to him, topping over 25 live
performances. Following his latest single “Gucci Prada Fendi”, boasting 150,000 streams and
counting he continues to captivate and engage his audience. Follow his Instagram @FSG_RELL to
stay updated on latest music and news!





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