Fabp AKA Fabpz the Freelancer Is Back And Giving Hip Hop A Timely Homage With His Project "Classical Rap @TheRealFabp"

Fabp AKA Fabpz the Freelancer is the kind of artist who doesn't make post on social media like "in the lab," "at the studio"....because most waking moments...that is where he is. And it shows in his discography. This year alone we have had several projects from this talented and original emcee.  But it just wouldn't be like Fabpz to let the year end with out giving one more for the listeners.

His latest project "Classical Rap" recently dropped through his bandcamp page.  12 songs fill the album and the vibe is classical. Simplistic boom bap instrumentals are ridden over with Fabz unique style. He gives hiphop that content and creativity it has been missing. Choosing do be himself and not trying to sound like almost every other rapper in the indie scene is what keeps us waiting and looking for the next project. And he has yet to disappoint. 

"Classical Rap" is just that. A classic hip hop project from beginning to end. Each track holding its own weight and carrying its own feel. And thats how an album is made. So if you are into these albums that sound like one long run on single...."Classical Rap" is not for you. But if you like substance and versatility, then look no further. Fabp the Freelancer has something for you to ride into 2019. Check it out today!!!

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