Inspired by innumerous meaningful influences, Eric Seelig describes what's supposed to be a music designer that leads to his enlightenment and a self-discovery storytelling resuming his identity as an experimentalist artist.
Producing electronic music with a very different appealing Eric is based in Germany and started producing his stuff when he was 14 doing pure experimentalism a kind of raw music that is no even close to being considered conventional.

Reporting a similar journey described by Nietzsche in his book Zarathustra practicing a superhero lifestyle combining some references from Buddhism into his mythological world confirms the challenger status is unlocked.
Eric seems to be seeking the holy grail, releasing his debut Ep titled "The Quest" represent the mix of all that significance trying to be expressed into a substantiates chiptune with some organic sound.


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Tags: eric, germany, nietzsche, quest, seeling, the, zarathustra


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