Chxppa Slime Snaps On Fresh Out

We recently came across an artist who shows multiple signs of an artist who's next to blow, he goes by the name of Chxppa Slime. The Cleveland Ohio native recently released a music video for his buzzing single, Fresh Out. After dealing with a few situations with the law, Chxppa Slime has returned with avengence, as he's currently placing his full focus into his music career.

Within the track he talks about living his best life, rolling back woods with friends, and partying with models. Nothing beats a good house party after not having contact with friends and family for a long period of time. This video is definltely a chill vibe when it comes to just hanging out with friends and enjoying life. Chxppa Slime is definitely an artist you want to keep an close watch for. Make sure to follow Chxppa Slime on all social media platforms @chxppaslime in order to stay up to date on all future releases by Hip-Hop's next potential big artist.

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