Being a musician is not easy. It takes sacrifice, commitment, and hard work. Hip hop is a genre of art that reflects a particularly real life struggle for a large group of people. It's fitting because it's the absolute toughest genre of music to break into. Marlin Smith better known as Bandanna Bonds is a young artist who fits that mold perfectly.


Born in Memphis, TN but raised in Germany for most of his childhood he took an interest in music at a very young age. Bandanna credits his main influences as Pac, and Jay-Z. However growing up overseas he learned to appreciate music for what it is, and grew to love artist from all genres.


Bandanna Bonds is still young, and learning the ins and outs of the music industry. He has spent the last year perfecting his craft, and releasing songs free via the internet. He's ready to make his mark on the music industry, and he's currently building his fan base both viral and organic. Bandanna understands music is a business, so with that in mind he's gearing towards a big touring year in 2016.


Bandanna is young, charismatic, soulful, and lyrical. All the ingredients to make a young man from Memphis into a star in the music industry. Influenced by the new legends he wishes to one day become one of them                              



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