5 Social Media Tools For Indie Artists

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In my profession, I often come across artists who don't know how or don't want to use social media correctly. In a world that is getting more connected and social on a daily basis, you cannot downplay social media's importance. It is a challenge to manage social media networks correctly and maintain a successful music career. I have listed 5 social media tools that can help ease the burden.

1. Viral Hog - Going viral isn't a coincidence it happens with strategy. 

2. Crowdfire - Simply one of the best tools out to curate, maintain and grow your social media audience. 

3. Drum Up - Another great tool to curate, maintain and grow your social media. A bonus with this app is #hashtag prediction for audience growth, 

4. Symphonic Social - A social media management platform built for musicians. 

5. Rite Tag - Sometimes the site goes down but still it one of the best #hashtag prediction platforms around. 

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