The talent of dancing has always amazed audiences since the beginning of time, and now new blood has surfaced again to WOW us by the name of Trevon Lavelle Reed! Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on July 1st, 2000, Trevon was already destined then to bring a twist to the art of dancing. His mother and her friend named him, but his middle name came from his father. With three wonderful brothers and no sisters, Trevon's mom and dad always worked hard to maintain a balance for the family. Now coming from a small town in Mississippi made Trevon want more out of life and to live out his big dreams of dancing. This future mogul started his career on Lifetime's hit show "BRING IT", and with destiny having its way, opportunities of success are presenting themselves daily. His favorite influences growing up was Micheal Jackson, and let's just say that if Michael was here today, many would agree that he would acknowledge Trevon's talent of dancing as greatness! Willdabeast is now the current icon of dancers to Trevon, but as history has its way, Trevon will be the next to captivate audiences worldwide. Opening his own dance studio, performing on "America's Got Talent", dancing one day for celebrities and becoming one of the most recognized dancers in the world are his most important goals he is now setting. Expect to see this young man's name a lot and get ready to experience Trevon's caravan of dancing!!!

Snapchat: treymoney85 

FaceBook: Trevon Reed 

Instagram: trevon__redshoes

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