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TJ Amillee Drops New Single "End Zone"

Everyone wants that big touchdown in life. For TJ Amillee, game is in the "End Zone" and the TD is just a few yards away. The new single "End Zone" is currently available on all major distribution and streaming sites. Working hard and dropping heat is a huge part of TJ Amillee's character, but…


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Ximon Von Trapp Drops New Single "Circus"

Ximon Von Trapp brings his new single "Circus" to the forefront. A hip hop joint with a creepy twist. The song in  a whole is different and dark. But personally, I believe this artist needs to invest a little more time into the mixing process. Aside from that, adjust your EQ's a little and "Circus" will draw in the spectators. Check it out…


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Comatose Is Bringing Hip Hop Out Of It's Coma With His New Single "11:59pm In Marietta"

It's been awhile since we've heard some real raw underground talent with a true form of hip hop. But up and coming emcee Comatose has done just that with his new…


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MENTIONABLE SINGLE: MCYoungBull Is Quickly On The Rise With His New Single "Fast Enough"

Just in time for the summer, MCYoungBull has released his new single "Fast Enough." The Elijah J production is full of energy and screams Good Time. MCYoungBull…


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Up and Coming Emcee Owen Mc Grory Has Listeners Finding Faith Again In Hip Hop With His New Single "OMG"

Owen Mc Grory's new single "OMG" has been gaining mass praise. Holding true to every essence of Hip Hop music. From a boom bap type beat to the intricate and…


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Ray Bans And Foreign Glizzy Drop The New Visual/Single "Unusually Paid"

Back on his game, Foreign Glizzy returns on his "Foreign Family" member, "Rays Bans" new single "Unusually Paid". An up tempo single with as much class as metaphors. A true ode to real hip hop music. Ray bans hits us with a double dose of talent as she not only sings the hook...but murders her verse. raw bars and rhythm are all in the mix…


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Hip Hop Prodigy Marcus Christ Releases New Video "I Ain't Got No Worries"

Whether in Silver Springs, Maryland where he is from or Compton, CA where he resides...the message is the same.."Marcus Christ delivers raw Hip Hop with no geographical boundaries." He makes music that the real can feel today, tomorrow and for years to come. Having studied Political Science helps to add the momentum when this emcee has…


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TZX Is Bringing Game Changing Music With The Release Of The "Kanye" EP

According to wiki Kanye is an Igbo name meaning “let’s give” or to give honor, tribute. This project by TZX is intended to pay tribute to a legend, in both the intention behind the music and thru the sonics themselves. TZX produces and records all his own music, and attempts to transmute that energy…


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Ace Supreme Drops His New Single "Too Much"

Just in time for the warm weather, Ace $upreme drops his cool new single "Too Much." Just the right vibe for a cruise down your favorite highway. With a mellow beat…


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Underground Artist Anabwa Is "Meeting Quotas" With His New Project Release

Lyricist Anabwa has just dropped his new project titled "Meeting Quotas" and it delivers in every way shape or form in Hip Hop. The 11 track project truly…


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Upcoming Emcee Jakob Campbell Is Out To "GET EM" With His New Video Release

Jakob Campbell's bring full energy and so well thought word play. And sadly unusual these days. His new single/video 'GET EM" is quickly gaining attention and showing many that real hip hop lyricism is still alive and well in the underground. Almost like he writes with a dictionary in his pocket, his collaboration of words is…


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Upcoming Emcee Big Nucci Drops His Debut Video 'Flexx"

Currently buzzing strong in his hometown of Akron, OH, up and coming emcee Big Nucci's hard work is gaining him attention away from home. His music is full of energy and originality and he isn't afraid to be himself and have fun doing so. So with a nice buzz and some good music,…


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Loc Saint Teams Up With The Jokerr For His Latest Release "Emotions"

Independent wicked-core artist Loc Saint is known for bringing straight heat (insert fire emojis). Already known for lyrically holding his own, Loc likes to bring in heavy hitters from the genre and show that even on a track with some of the best, he holds his own. His latest single "Emotions" is just another bodied beat on his belt. Loc…


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Bone Nest Brings Something New, Something Different And Something Fresh...And This Is Just The Intro To The Album

Imagine taking everything amazing from every genre from RNB to Psychedelic Rock and blending it together...wonder what you would have?....Bone Nest!!  As an indie artist and producer, this San Francisco native is an avid fan of music. Never really having a specific genre of…


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MatrixP Releases New Single 'Kuntry Fonk" And Is On A Game Changing Mission

Belmont, NC has a talented Emcee/singer/writer quickly rising in its local scene. For MatrixP it's built on more than the popularity contest most artist get buzz over. He is actually creating something new and different with in the Hip Hop genre, Kuntry Hippie Rap. The self proclaimed…


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Almighty Ishmael Drops His New Project ".inferno"

Up and coming emcee Almighty Ishmael is bringing the heat, literally, with the release of his new project ".inferno."  Bringing substance and a message, A.I. pays homage to real hip hop by just doing him. The 4 song EP is professional mixed and…


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BerryGuap Is About To "Make Sum Happen" With The New Single Release

BerryGuap has just dropped the new single "Make Sum Happen," and that's exactly what he is about to do. Rhythmically flowing over a self produced savy instrumental,…


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BossHogg Gets Straight To The Point With His New Project "Mixtape Shit"

BossHogg has hit the game hard with the new "Mixtape Shit" project. 12 tracks with a little seasoning for everyones ears. Lyrically fulfilling, BossHogg bases his lyrics on his reality and delivers those testimonies to the listeners in almost a religious practice fashion. Music any real hip…


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I.P. DA MAN Is Taking Off With His New Single "In My Rarri"

I.P. Da Man Is flying up the indie rankings with the petal to floor. His latest single "In My Rarri" is quickly gaining attention. The single is layered with a bass hitting, house shaking instrumental, a guarenteed party jumper. You can tell by a listen I.P. was having…


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Dj/ EDM Producer NuJ4X Bursts Onto The Scene With His Debut Release "Dab (On Dem Haterz)"

While perfecting his craft, NuJ4X only had two goals....get better and have fun!! And that he does. He brings a raw and wide opened excitement to his music and presentation. Becoming known as 'the masked one" is based on the crazy mask he wears which almost looks digitally altered. His debut single "Dab…


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