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Soul The Interrogator -Greyhound Feat. Notion & Grynch Produced By: Nitro Fresh

Soul the Interrogator is a hip hop artist out of Seattle Washington. A seasoned veteran in the music business, Soul brings a lot of emotion and energy when he is on stage. His music style incorporates a lot of his own life lessons but still remaining true to the four elements of hip hop. Growing up in poverty on the streets From Los Angeles, Hawaii and finally landing…


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Hell Razah [aka Heaven Razah] ft. DJ Flipcyide – “Equilibrium” (Album Stream + Download)

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Hell Razah, aka Heaven Razah, has just released a brand new project in collaboration with Wu-Tang DJ, DJ Flipcyide, titled “Equilibrium.” The new album from the Sunz Of Man/GGO/Wu-Tang Affiliate features scratches and hosting from DJ Flipcyide, and features cameos from Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn, Superb and many more! Stream and/or download the project…


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Producer To Watch- Dj Iceman (@dj_iceman)

Over the last year Dj Iceman has been on a tear. after stepping back from djing after a 33 year run,he started making beats. since he started,he joined up with Northwest producer supergroup FFU (Filthy Fingers United) and have had song placements on 3 of their releases. he released his own beat tape and did over 70,000 on Datpiff, got signed to a small label out of Greece and released an EP,and has had over 200 up and coming rappers spit fire on one of his beats on the Rapchat app. so it…


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Dj Iceman Set To Release First Label Release-The Boom Bap Chronicles Vol 1

Washingtons (By way of Brooklyn) Dj Iceman is set to release his first label EP "The Boom Bap Chronicles Vol 1" on December 22nd on Bittale Records. Bittale Records is a small record label out of Greece. "They heard some of my beats and wanted to sign me to an EP deal on the spot,i figured why not,i always wanted to get some exposure overseas." says the 44 year old dj/beatmaker. the 33 year dj vetera is even more shocke because he only started making beats this year. " I never thought…


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Urnotadj. How A Guy with No Dj Gear Is Turning The Dj Community Upside Down


Meet David Spells A.K.A Deej Eigh, A.K.A. Madhatta From Atlanta,Georgia. he is the leader/originator of the Urnotadj "Movement"  he prides himself on "saving the dj culture" and "preserving the turntable traditions" but he has no turntables,or controllers,or cdjs,or any dj gear really. so how is he accomplishing his mission? hes not. but let him tell…


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Muncho Da Mad Man-TEXAS

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Singer JGLuis Drops New Single "Useless"

JG Luis come from the small town of Holyoke, MA, where he gained every bit of my music experience. He's been moving forward ever since. Finding a lot of inspiration, not only through simple chorus classes, but also through a wide variety of music from R&B, pop, hip-hop, rap, and some 90’s music, to rock, country, and even some classical music. All of these music…


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Who Is RealSquad215???

RealSquad215 is one of the most Explosive Most Talented Music Groups you Ever Seen coming Out of The streets of NorthEast Philadelphia More known as the #PhiladelphiaTurnUpKings.This Music Group are all Blood Related Starting at the C.E.O VellcrowGoHard (24) Then Next His brothers T.Jizzle (25) & Young Levi (22). You never seen a group like this sense Hot…

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Who Is Junior Grave$??

Junior Grave$ is a 24 year old recording artist out of Oklahoma. He began his music career the same as most, out of fun freestyling in the lunch room with friends. Since 2012 Grave$ has been the front runner for the #OUTOURSPACE Movement. He spent 2013-2014 touring with Denver Roe Music in various cities across the south gaining a recognizable local buzz. Since then…


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J. Skilz Is Back With New Heat!

Jordan Stilwill, born November 9, 1993 in Tri-Cities, WA known as Hip Hop Artist/Entrepreneur, J. Skilz, has been creating a splash in lives since coming out of the womb. Barely breathing with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck knotted twice, life itself was already fighting against him. Growing up in a seventh day Adventist home, God played a huge…


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Who Is Ruinz???

From rhyme, rhythm, and real reason, Ruinz has made a dent in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the big leagues won’t be a surprise in this case. Do not forget that when you hear Ruinz on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the…


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Who Is Miracle??

Miracle grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York during the 80's. He is the oldest of 5 siblings. During this time, Brooklyn was a town of drug infested streets, times were tough and Miracle hustled to build a life for his family. Staying above the struggle was hard to do but Hip Hop was his outlet. At the age of 13 he started to rap in school with…


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Our boy dj iceman does it again with another launch. this time is a blog. "The website was a temporary placeholder till i could get this blog up and running" Its something ive wanted to do for a while,now its coming to fruition" the blog is a mix of old school and new school hip-hop videos and songs,and is the main focal point for Big Boss Ent's promotional/placement…


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Who Is Crimson Tgs??

Unlike most artists in their field, whose aim is to get rich and quickly rise to the top, they have a different goal. One we can all relate too and surely want…

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NEW HEAT ALERT: Fresh ft. G.Y. - Crazy

Fresh was born and raised in the midwest, Iowa to be exact and has been rapping since the age of 15 but eventually got serious about his craft when he started getting positive feedback from everyone that heard him spit. He started off in a local neighborhood group that went by the name,"M.O.L."(Mind Of A Lunatic) making tapes on a karaoke machine....everyone…


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The Seattle rhyme slinger is back and this time he has Houston's finest,the one and only Flip Gate$ ridin shotgun.



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Who Is David Broadhurst???

Two rappers, David Broadhurst and YoungTone have decided to use their rap to make a difference, not only donating to charity, but to bring awareness to issues affecting the world in their release of "Corruption" which is about Government Policies affecting the world, such as our government trying to take our "Right to Bear Arms and other related issues affecting society…


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NEW HEAT ALERT Dj King Flow-Mixtape Addict 51 (Hosted By @TORCHMMG)

Cashback Mafia's own DJ King Flow is back with another volume of the infamous "Mixtape Addict" series, hosted by Torch from Maybach Music Group! Tracklist and download link below :
 01. Torch Ft. Maino & Uncle Murda - Waddup



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Who Is Poe'Leone ???

Poe’Leone pursuing a music career he was basically born and was always a struggle when growing up in the worst area in Detroit , known as East Jefferson. Where the crime and dropout rates are normal statistical for the life he comes from and still is intertwined in many areas. Although he overcame a lot of obstacles and dead ends and still struggling to beat the odds…


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