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Once again, B.L.K. is taking over the streets with his new ATL anthem "BLKLANTA". It speaks to every single person who has been through the struggle of the come up, or being in the streets from the gutter to the streets to the reality of the city. Backed by one of Atlanta's powerhouse, OG Hoodrich, B.L.K. takes the whole story throughout his whole song. Make sure you go check him out on all major platforms.

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Kilo M.O.E Drops Keys To The M.O.E

Amplified by the reach of his self built company, O.M.G Entertainment, inc.
Keys To The M.O.E lands off the heals of a highly polarized two years for the Baltimore
Artist Kilo M.O.E. 
This Small yet potent 8 track album is filled with piano riffs, chords, and a lot of organic warm sound.
Clearly a diversion…

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Born in Baltimore, MD in 1984, Guillotine Garvez also know as Vez,  struggled with situations in his home that left him using music as his sanctuary.  At an early age, he set out to perfect his craft and prove he had the drive, dedication, and delivery it took to succeed.  He overcame obstacles that made what spoke in his music vivid and authentic. In…


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Materializing from the mud of West New York, Anthony “Thugzman” Bailey has engulfed the music industry with his ecliptic sound.


As an 80s baby, his childhood was spent listening to the soulful sounds of jazz, Christian, pop, funk, and soul through his parents’…


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A Vision of expression.
What started as a quest for understanding, clarity, and fulfillment turned into a journey of acceptance, expression,and acknowledgement. 
Evolution and declaration being submerged then re- emerging entwined as one entity ready to face the world and manifest a…

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Hecdakid Releases New Single With a Vengance 'Blood Pressure'

Hecdakid Realeases New Single With a Vengance 'Blood Pressure'


On the verge of what can be called his break out year forthcoming; 

Hecdakid drops this scathing mic demonstration showcasing his bars and

what apparently seems to just take shots at any rapper that will listen.

Over a dark piano and an erie opening with…


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Keys To The M.O.E

Kilo M.O.E Hints At Upcoming Project.

With a Cryptic Instagram Post M.O.E Drops a 

Short Promo Clip to Whats Seemingly a brand new full length Studio Project dubbed,

"Keys To The M.O.E"

With a Highly Respectable Catalogue…

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Hecdakid is no stranger to the rigors of being a performing artist.

In 2018 there are so many components to actually getting music to the fans that

it becomes exhausting just keeping up with the clout trends.

After a year of semi productive work in between business situations…


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MB from GMC on some Sad Boy Shit

Matt, otherwise known as MBfromGMC, is straight out of Chicago, IL.  He is inspired by Kanye West, the Migos, and Gucci Mane.  He started in the music business just as marketing, promoting, and branding for Matt Beebe Graphics which is formerly (hoodhippie), GMCmobb, DADAcreative, and other various…


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Tall Boi and his whole label have signed on as the newest camp under 1017 Bricksquad Mafia Gang/Mack Drama Records.  The label CEO Deshun Dubose is in pursuit with his whole camp behind him.   Tall Boi states, “My advice to other artists looking into really trying to be a part…


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Frost G has done it again! Withs his follow up from the hit "Wood Wheel" comes the joint "Shadows" This a darker and more sensual based song.... The female on the hook has that rainy weather, sexy vibe to her. She matches well with Frost G and his deep voice and thick lyrics. Who's that movin'…


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Rockwelz, who is known as an artist, writer, and producer, just dropped a new hit “Royalty” featuring M.I.C early this month.  The song has a catchy hook with very few words, but words that repeat and that have a flow you can’t help but repeat- loyalty…. Royalty.  The song has a soft tempo, NYC type beat.  You could ride down the street relaxing to this song.  It speaks about the struggle, and days passed, who was down then, but folded, and who was down then, and still around.  I definitely…


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Born and raised in Southside Jamaica Queens, the artist Nikko Tesla experienced very humble beginnings, even though his musical lineage would say otherwise. The Nephew of disco legend Gloria Gaynor, who curated such hits as “I Will Survive” and “Never Can Say Goodbye” and the Son…


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This song featuring one of the hottest producers and artists out of the West Coast, Curtis Young, has a mellow riding beat.  The beat definitely speaks West Coast, California and Curtis all over it.  Mc…


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