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William Ben Brooks “A Broken Beast”

William Ben Brooks is a singer, songwriter, composer, and author coming from Oklahoma, now living in New York.

He is heavily influenced by the sixties that helped him to develop his folk storyteller, well known for his expressive vocals and distinct…


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“Speakeazy” is a beautifully seamless clash of classic samples, banging boom-bap drums, catchy hooks & prominent verses created by the Emcee/Producer combination of …


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Phenomenal kid plays more than 107 instruments

Neil Nayyar could be considered a musical genius, the world’s greatest instrumentalist has been breaking a lot of records now playing over 107 instruments here is ready to break into the music industry with his brand new album about to be…


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Untitled Art - "13 Part 1"

Releasing the incredible electronic album called "13 Part 1" the alternative duo Untitled Art is compounded by David Sempier and James Linton coming together in a very powerful…


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Drawing an analogy where talent vocalists are different and beautiful as the flowers in a summery wildflower meadow, MYSTIC FLOWERS sounds as the softest petals of a rose kissed by the morning dew and yet as groovy and cool as you…


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Eric Seelig - "The Quest"

Inspired by innumerous meaningful influences, Eric Seelig describes what's supposed to be a music designer that leads to his enlightenment and a self-discovery storytelling resuming his identity as an…


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Ares Knight - "Royale"

Representant of Pittsburgh, Ares Knight is hailing from the same city as Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and Chevy Woods, ready to personify his fellow mates of hometown releasing the debut Ep titled "Royale".

Seeking the next level in the music industry Ares is tired of the most wannabe rappers in the game, offering nothing new or original! …


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Introducing Midnight Clover

Releasing their brand new EP, titled “Never Bring Me Down”, the Las Vegas-based band from Nevada to be more specific, is following up their full-length album that came out in…


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Todd Barrow -"Hell and Back"

Releasing an upcoming heavy hitter sound titled “Hell and Back” the Texas-based talent Todd Barrow is in the making doing a lot of buzz with tastemakers through the success of his country music career after he started appearing on Tv shows including Good…


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Inanna – “On Fire”

Following up from her debut single NEFERTITI XXI, Inanna a singer & mythic environmentalist to celebrate the Global Climate Strikes week is releasing a hot new track titled…


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Premiering a highly anticipated single titled “HEYO” the Swedish country rock singer and songwriter Calle Ameln is building up his success all over Europe and North America combining energetic songs with attitude.

Going in a different…


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Rowe Rowe on the grind

Rowe Rowe rapper and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

Really sticks with his ideal and refuse to be a wannabe sold out, the rapper is…


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Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 356 - Hosted by Saweetie @Saweetie

Coast 2 Coast is known by their famous showcases you have heard that some famous artists like 2Chainz to Wiz Khalifa to Dj Kalied, has worked with…


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3000 Records Review Of The Last 22 Years In The Music Industry

“When I started 3000 Records, it was a name that sounded kind of modern and unique to me”, said Terrance D. Schemansky. He also recalls thinking that it would be almost impossible to make a living in the music business, but that it would be neat if he could. Now, 22 years later…


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Olivia Thai – “I Can Do Better”

Olivia Thai releases her debut single, “I CAN DO BETTER” written by Olivia Thai and produced by Christian Mochizuki who won…


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J.R James Joins G-Unit’s Young Buck

J.R. James (Heartless Hustler) was raised in Illinois, his behavior and street violence leads him to start by the age of 13 to create his own lyrics.

His music comes from life experiences, so it’s more of something people can relate too; It can…


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Top 5 Artists On Music Critic Charts

Music Critic is a great website providing a lot of relevant information to the music industry for creators and fans, there you can find instrument and equipment reviews and many others subjects like…


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LJ bangerz – “On The Hook”

LJ bangerz blends singing and rapping on this melodic, trippy record that he produced and recorded in Seattle, WA. LJ has carved out a sound for himself here with his heartfelt freshman…


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