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Known for Being on Reality TV, Minnesota Artist 000Andre Brings New Energy and Eclecticism to the Mixed World of Hip Hop, Rap and RnB

Upcoming Minnesota artist 000Andre lets us feel the heat of the summer waving through in his energetic and fun single, "Switch Up."

Reminiscent of…


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Why This Racist-Sounding Song Isn't Racist At All

After getting feedback from someone who thought this song is racist, I wrote a detailed explanation aiming to accurately contextualize it so people can understand…


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How Heistheartist Allures Listeners Into His Intimate Sonic Space - A Review of Heistheartist's Latest Mixtape on Datpiff

Stream/Download Heistheartist's 3-track mixtape on Datpiff »

Porn star turned singer-songwriter, Heistheartist, molds a lush and intimate atmosphere driven with an emotionally heartfelt approach to singing and…


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Dizzy K. Falola - God So Loved the World [New Album]

Singer/songwriter Dizzy K. Falola has released his new album, God So Loved the World, an Afrobeat, Christian, world music release. As described by Dizzy K. Falola, the album contains "a powerful message based on a strong dancy beat."

Buy the album on CDbaby »…


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Wystelands - Smile

Wystelands describes the battle with the ego that resists, tricks and weighs heavy when trying to connect positively with other people in his new single,…


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B. Lansky's New Single "The Hold Up" featuring Vado Will Bang the Parties This Year

Peep “The Hold Up” by B. Lansky featuring Vado. Boasting a sound true to the Miami nightlife, B.Lansky has dropped back in to bless us with his new jam “The Hold Up.” This record possesses a head-rocking bass line as B. Lansky and Vado rap back and forth about their superstar ways and the lifestyle they are currently maintaining.…

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Faithful to the Hustle, Faithful to the Trap - Review of Arkansas Producer-Rapper EazyFace's "Blu Faces"

The stylish Arkansas all-round producer, writer, rapper and owner of the Blu Flame Entertainment label, EazyFace (…


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Brian Hutson depicts lost love, lust and heartbreak with great pleasantness in his new album, "Habit"

Listen to Brian Hutson's new album Habit on Spotify »

There’s a sweetening of hardships that runs through Brian Hutson’s debut album, Habit, named after the critical…


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Cloudy Retro – Eleven Thirteen Sixteen [Album Review]

While going through a year of blows with a rough kidnapping and a broken engagement, while making it through college, and for reasons only known to him,…


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Peso Drops His New Single "Illuminati" - A Banger in Every Sense of the Word for Pumping You Up

Listen to "Peso - Illuminati" on Spotify »

Rapper Peso drops his new single "Illuminati" on all streaming platforms, following up on his last hit release "No Feeling" on SoundCloud last month.…


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Young G Works New Album "Back II Works" Is the Hottest Thing Coming Out of Ohio Today

Young G Works’ new album, Back II Works, available at all major distribution outlets.

Rising up in Ohio, Young G Works (@younggworks)…


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Cam Bean's "Feel Like Livin'" Is Boom-Bap Rap Like No Other: It'll Make You Feel Like Life's Good, Bright, Happy and Stress-Free

Cam Bean’s single “Feel Like Livin'” (@tom_bomb_yt) is a feel-good rap song that will make you feel like life’s great when you stay focused on what you want. Lines like “I just want to be a millionaire and have a good time, I ain’t worry about…


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Successful YouTuber Remington James Drops Surprise New Album "Prototype VII"

Before he became known as one of the world’s best rappers, Kanye West was the renowned producer whose work mostly with Jay-Z propelled him to the top of the hip hop production food chain. Many today might have forgotten that it took Kanye many years of consistently releasing more and more of his rap music to eventually become respected for his rapping, and not just be “that great hip hop producer who also raps.” 

This is the analogy that came to…


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HighRise - Hunnit ft. Yaydo & Hi-Rez [Lyric Video]

HighRise’s (@highrisenation) latest single, “Hunnit” features upcoming rappers, Yaydo (Minnesota) and Hi-Rez (Florida), and uses witty lyrics to break down the number 100. Recorded in their respective states (HighRise - Iowa) this dark,…


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Dre Steelo's "Play to Win" Is a Successful Mixture of Raw Motivation and Pinpointed Focus

On Dre Steelo's (@Dre_Steelo) third EP, the Michigan rapper personifies hunger for success and expresses it in 6 diverse tracks.

One of the greatest things about reviewing upcoming artists is that the yearning for the come-up…


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AznBoiiWill - Cold In December

AznBoiiWill’s (@aznboiiwill) “Cold In December” is a hip hop/R&B song explaining how love and jealousy play a major role in relationships. It’s about how loyalty and trust can be a hard-to-come-by attribute in today’s society, where survival is the main focus and can get in the…


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Chilling Lyrical Tapestry That Makes a Sad Real-Life Movie Unfold in Pologang DB's New Music Video

Pologang DB is a rising lyrical prodigy from the Midwest who paints a vivid picture of his motherless childhood in "Mama Left Me," a relentless 3+ minute outpouring of no cliches or hooks, just straight, raw rap. Don't expect any love or respect for DB's mother: "Mama Left Me" is a sad story…


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Calitreeboy - Dikeata

West Coast rapper Calitreeboy fires strong with his new single, "Dikeata." Now available on Spotify. 

Click here to listen to Calitreeboy's "Dikeata" on Spotify…


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Loki - Ambition

Loki is starting to blow up more and more. He has offers from a few record labels at this time. His Soundcloud link…


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Zeppo - Nightcrawler ft. DP (Shaolin Luciano Remix)

Shaolin Luciano's remix of Le Zeppo and Double Profit's "Nightcrawler" is an absolute whirlwind of calculated vicious street tale lyrics…


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