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1 week review

[1 Week Review] Jody Lo - DOPE!

North Carolina has been recently producing some of the greatest artists hiphop has scene in a while from the likes of J. Cole, DaBaby, Bali Baby, Stunna 4 Vegas & a lot more to name. But the underground scene in North Carolina is just as strong. Winston-Salem, NC artist Jody Lo proves it with a new album release; "DOPE!". Dope was a 15 track independent album laced with…


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Jody Lo blessed the internet with a 14 track mixtape titled ‘Dope”.

North Carolina native; Jody Lo continues his winning streak with another project released. This mixtape holds to the usual standard from Jody Lo as far as quality, so in other…


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North Carolina running hip-hop 2019?

With the accessibility of connections becoming a few instagram clicks away, we’ve been able to witness a change in how an artist is broken into the music industry. Ever since music discovery became as easy as accessing the internet, we’ve seen hundreds of artists emerge from remote locations all over the United states. This seemed to be unusual at first but is becoming more accepted as new artists find their niche audience every day. But 1 region in particular seems to stand out amongst the…


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New HipHop website

New website for independent Hip-hop artist Jody Lo. Bookmark this website and stay updated with the latest music. You can hear his latest music as well as watch interviews and join the email list

Jody Lo New website

Bonus Content

- like share and…


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Lyrical Emcee Noah Archangel Brings Out The Heavy Hitters, Drops A Space Age Video, And Gives Hip Hop A Breath Of Fresh Air With The New Single "Black Lotus"

    Noah Archangel is an underground veteran and front line member of independent powerhouse Band of the Hawk. Always delivering with great content, versatility, and professional presentation, he has become one of those artists we look forward to hearing new music from.  And he didn't fail to deliver with his new single and video "Black…


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Brooklyn Emcee "Grisly BK" Is Creating A Buzz Blending The Turn Up Sound With Lyrical Skill

    Grisly BK brings a merge of today's sound and style, and mixes it with a content based hip hop sound of yesterday. And it is working perfectly for his character sound. He delivers his words with an aggressive hunger and gritty voice tone, yet still holding remarkable clarity. It is an actual  "emotion"  determination to be recognized for talent i have not…


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Mirko Tackles An Ill Subject Many Ignore In His Latest Music Video "Mom." This Is A MUST SEE

     Depression. We here about it...we say people act out its characteristics...we in general...ignore it.  But it is a huge issue in the world. Many suffer from it. It affects their everyday living and the everyday living of those around them. It has been deemed so normal to feel "depressed", that many don't even realize they have depression, and try their…


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Indie Emcee i.T MISFiT Brings A Sound All His Own In New LP Release "SYZYGY"

  i.T MISFiT's new LP titled "SYZYGY" on both Youtube and Soundcloud.  The 9 song project is a pretty entertaining introduction to this determined young artist.  Most of the instrumental chosen by i.T MISFiT are the first thing you hear, and the first example that you are not about to hear that music that "everyone" is doing. Although it does hold a…


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Jay-D Comes In Like Hip Hop Royalty With His New Video/Single Release "High As A King"

     Underground emcee Jay-D has built quite a name for himself. The independent U.K, rapper has been strongly consistent in his releases. Not leaving much time in between singles, projects and videos for a listener to forget him. Jay-D brings hard bars and a slick melodic delivery that only elevates his persistence to be seen.

     And it has…


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It's A New "Black Wave" And They Want The Cash Money. Check Them Out

    Black Wave has recently released their new single "Cash Money," and the wave has started. In the first week this CashMoneyAP produced track has passed half a million plays on Soundcloud and counting.…


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Aria M Wants To Tell You About The "Girls From The District" In His New Video Release

    Aria M returns with with second video release "Girls From The District" off his "Trust Nobody 2" project release.  He teams up with director Shimmer and videographer Shoot and Pursuit, to bring us a night shot dream-ish visual to the single. Shot all around the downtown area of Washington D.C., Shimmer adds some spectacular back drops of the Washington Monument…


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King K1o5e would Like To take A Moment And Just Celebrate "THISGOODLIFE"

     King K1o5e is immediately back in rotation with his new single "THISGOODLIFE." A bouncy feel good vibe beat accompanies King K1o5e's lyrical delivery for this release. Between metaphoric lines and out right statements, the King addresses living high and mighty compared to the next. Even adding a twist in near the ending with a dope vocal effect. Take time from…


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King K1o5e Is A Focused And Dedicated Artist With A Track Record Of Work Ethic That Speaks For Itself

    Colonial Beach, VA has a wildfire brewing and about to spread that goes by the title "King K1o5e."   He has released quite a few singles...they have have racked up quite a buzz quickly pushing the King closer to that thrown in the underground.

     His soundcloud page has brought in some pretty remarkable views, feedback as well as 10's of 1000's of…


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6ix The Mastermind And Trev Swear They Will Not Get Tired As They Are Running To The Hundreds"

    Mansfield Ohio emcee 6ix the Mastermind has been building his buzz and respect in the underground scene. Both are well deserved. Slick wordplay and stylish beat riding only add to the effect of hearing this "breath of fresh air" artist bring some good...back to the term "good music."

     In his latest single release "Running to the…


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Khaotic jackson Shuts The Night Down With His New Video and Single "Party After Party"

     If you don't have anything to do this weekend...Khaotic Jacksons new single and video release "Party After Party" is gonna make all of that change. He channels the inner energy of the house party with this song. And delivers a stunningly crisp and colorful music video to back it all up. And it's lit. Sure to go down as a party classic, the single makes you want to…


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Kid Max And Gwopa Team Up With B Bright To Spit About "Bucks"


    Young artists Kid max and Gwopa have just released their newest single "Bucks." They recently released to soundcloud a hard hitting track about the life they witnessed, choices for survival and simply BUCKS. They enlist fellow Emcee, B Bright. The 3 each bring a different tone and style of sound. But together the compliment one another and the mesh up for a dope…


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Check Out Young Gifted Set to release new single titled “STILL”

Young Gifted




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You Don't Even Come At Me Like That!

That Rough Rugged and Raw Hip Hop With a Hot Beat, Cold Lyrics and a Raw Hook!

4x You don't even come at me like that

everything you wanna do did that

so don't come running no game fall back

from millionaire cigar bars on Park Ave

you better ask somebody, I'm so deep I don't brag

but you running game is the funny thang

You need to hang…


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