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Koal Play Interview Via Rap Monster Radio

Koalbe Lee Simpson, better known as Koal Plae, is a twenty-two-year-old rapper with a story to tell. Raised in Nitrate City, he grew up having an affinity for music. He listened to artists such as Master P, The Ying Yang Twins, Lil Wayne, and several others to pass the time. The love for music leads him to create music of his own, as he became…


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Jake Shaw & His YourOwnMusic Label Have Just Dropped The Second Album Titled "2020 Vision" Featuring Artists From All Over The World!

YourOwnMusic Company CEO  "Jake Shaw" has built a company that's all about helping artists reach 10's of 1,000's of listeners daily. From playlists to blogging platforms, YourOwnMusic has built a productive of both talented, hard working artists, and actual listeners. Jumping head first into 2020, YourOwnMusic has released a compilation album…


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YourOwnMusic Drops Second Label Album "2020 Vision"

YourOwnMusic has worked their a**es off to build one hell of a reputation in the underground circuits. From song placement to website platform reviews, they have helped artists get their music in front of millions. And now they are prepping to drop their second full length album titled "2020 Vision." Scheduled for a January 10th release, the…


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Pops Jr Interview Via

Listen to Pops Jr - Interview 

Pops Jr is an emcee who is OBSESSED with originality. With every verse

he tries to push the limit of rap as we know it. His ability to

combine pain and laughter is unreal. his comedic bars mixed…


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Your Name Is Just As Important As Your Music! "Rap Name Generator" Can Help Your Marketing In Less Than 3 Seconds

For a hip hop artist, their name needs to be as attention grabbing and catchy as their music is.  Think of your favorite artist/producer/group and how their name grabbed you. The power and soul it held,and how it related to their music. This is all part of marketing for many. And every artist knows the grip the name holds and try to come with…


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Jody Lo - TRAP

Jody Lo - TRAP


The North Carolina native staying consistent by dropping another single; Trap. First single from the next project.

Available everywhere



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NuVysion's 'Behind Closed Doors' TV Series - Interview

“Behind Closed Doors” Season One Set to Premiere in Dallas, November 15th

Film series addresses childhood trauma: abuse, mental illness & drug addiction.

Dallas, TX - October 7, 2019 -- Written…


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Capo Kinfolks Interview via

Click to listen to Capo Kinfolks - Interview

CAPO KINFOLKS ALLDAY, born Christopher Abrams, is an inspiring artist from Gary Indiana’s west side. Being the middle Child and only son, CAPO (FOR SHORT), started the love of music growing…


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Rap Trapper 2 - 1 week review

Last week, Jody Lo released the long awaited Rap Trapper 2 mixtape. After listening a few times, its safe to say this was an outstanding body of work. 14 lyrical trap bangers on 1 mixtape. That’s another point for North Carolina Hip-hop.


Rap Trapper 2



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Rap Trapper 2

Jody Lo, independent rapper from Winston-Salem finishes the summer with a new project; Rap Trapper 2.

The North Carolina native delivers an outstanding body of work on this 13 track street album…


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Rap Trapper 2 - August 9th

Jody Lo - Rap Trapper 2 intro


Just the intro for today but the whole mixtape slapping like this. Rap Trapper 2 set to drop in 3 weeks. That lyrical trap shit is back. You can presave the full mixtape now




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Jux Strongarm - Gangsta Gangsta

New EP from Jux Strongarm explores deep currents of American culture and political tensions

ALBANY, NY – A little more than 12 years ago, Daytwaun Minter was on the…


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Jody Lo - Off the muscle

Jody Lo at his best on this crazy ass trap beat!


Rap Trapper 2 drops August 9th but the pre-save is available right now for spotify, deezer, and apple music


Follow Jody Lo…


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Best of the best THAT I COULD FIND in Winston-Salem, North Carolina & surrounding areas. Stay tuned plenty more to come





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Dula-Mite - Rap Gawds

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James Camron Releases New Music "Wavy Shit" ft. UG Vavy

James Camrons rendition of Wavy Shit, brings great vibes in 2019. UG Vavy brings in a strong hook from the beginning, drawing in the listener with melodic bars. Camron and UG bounce from bar to bar like a tag team hitting the mark of a dope collab. Lyrical content fused with an electronic sound can spark a new wavy anthem for the spring.…


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Booman Forever Releases "Bad Bleep" & Prepping For Debut Project Booman TV

Booman Forever has been creating a major cult following in Chicago and is making his way to the forefront with debut single "Bad Bleep." Playing off of  women calling themselves "Bad Bitch," Booman Forever flips the term and eliminates the slander. From the catchy double meaning of the hook to the storytelling of the song, Booman Forever paints a picture of his perception while making the song personal. His admiration of women is personified in this single and will catch buzz not only…


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Spice Gang Rikkie 2991 Releases New Music "I'll Have What She's Having"

Rikkie kicks off the single rock star status with dropping subliminals out the gate, I'll Have What She's Having ahead of its time, waiting for the listener to catch up. Spitting metaphors over a dope electronic hip hop track, Rikkie stands in his own lane with his high and low voice cues, to his effortless flow over the beat. The short lived track displays Rikkie's futuristic style and proves he's creating music…

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Indie Artist Kelonn Darnell Is Heading Straight To The Bank With His EP Project Release "Deposit$"

     Ok, let's just get this out in the open....most rap music today sounds the same. Same topics...same beat patterns and tempo...same style. Alot of what we hear when a new artists comes out is often exactly what we heard from the last artist that was buzzing. Enter Dallas,TX native Kelonn Darnell.

     Kelonn recently released…


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Chicago Artist Hittz & Jadakiss Flood The Streetz with New Video "Hood Legend" dir. by Prince Films

Filmed on the streets of NYC, Hittz takes a raw approach with visual "Hood Legend" ft. Jadakiss. Filmed in the legendary Lox studio, Hittz and Kiss share an unspoken chemistry that they come from the same place. The gritty everyday life of the hustler is…


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