Dyl follows up platinum-selling success
with sophomore single ‘Hey Whatsup Hello’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – In 2015, Dylan Rhodes – better known by his stage name Dyl – came out of nowhere with the platinum-selling hit single “Jordan Belfort.” Created with his best friend Wes Walker, the song was something the two of them created for fun and didn’t expect to become one of the top college songs of the decade. This track’s success led Dyl to multiple tours around the country and performances in front of tens of thousands of fans.

In the years since, Dyl finished his education while also developing a unique musical sound and style that he hopes will continue the wave of success he found four years ago. After years of hard work and completing his degree, Dyl is ready to take the next step in his music career with the release of a new video for his song “Hey Whatsup Hello.” The song chronicles his success with “Jordan Belfort” and the journey he’s been on in the years since.

“I’ve been around the game for a while, and this time I know what I’m getting into,” Dyl said, regarding his return to the music industry. “This song is about my success as a rapper, and gives people a preview for what’s to come in my full album later this year. It’s time for me to see how my fans are going to react to what I’m putting out there.” Dyl recently rebranded his social presence to Famous Dyl (@famous_dyl) in anticipation of his upcoming work. He recently passed 100,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the most followed accounts on the promising “Rapchat” application, with over 200,000 active fans.

Dyl said “Hey Whatsup Hello” is only one example of the vast array of sounds and styles he has in his arsenal. Dyl has a diverse range of style, and he says the forthcoming album, “CRYPTO RICH”, will show off his unique sound as well as shed light on his personal story. Dyl’s music is fun, catchy and unique. “For now, it’s about having a good time”, he said.

“My music is very energetic,” Dyl said. “When I returned to music, I came with a plan. For my debut studio album, I will showcase my diverse range as an artist. I’ve been putting in the time, and it shows. I’ve finally created my own sound from scratch. The style is unique and totally unexpected. I’m excited to tell my story, but what “CRYPTO RICH” really represents is me coming into my own as an artist. I’m finally creating music that I feel confident I can move forward and evolve with. That’s significant for me as an artist. I’ve spent many years developing my craft and now I’m ready to release my music it and keep it coming.”

If there’s one word that has been used over and over again to describe Dyl, that word would be “dynamic.” As an artist in today’s industry, Dyl stands out not just for his unique way of telling stories but for his relevant sound that makes people sit up and pay attention. It’s hard to go wrong with music that is both fun and tells a good story.

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“Hey Whatsup Hello” (Official Music Video)

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